Warehouse #3


September 15th 2012
Van Oldenbarneveldstraat 92
Loods008 in Arnhem
presale 12 euro / doorsale 15 euro

LIVE Olene Kadar
LIVE Frank Haag
LIVE Ohrwert
LIVE Robin Kampschoer

DJ William Köster
DJ Jesse Ten


Tickets are available here.


the last one in a trilogy. They are bringing down the building in October. All we want to do is give her a proper goodbye. In the meanwhile you can already buy early-bird tickets for the freakishly low price of 10 euro. SOLD! We try and keep it underground. We suggest you do the same. Normal tickets are still available for only 12 euro.

If you’ve ever witnessed one of Olene Kadar’s dazzling performances you must agree: this man is gifted. Sweeping floors with solid sounds and a striking stage appearance, he’s leaving a trace of believers wherever he plays. With his productions gaining support from some of the leading figures in house and techno, an international breakthrough is at hand.

The first to notice was Dapayk, signing him to Mo’s Ferry in 2008. A dream come true for Olene, who is ever more determined to conquer the world with his unique blend of futuristic techno. For the few people who were at the Mo’s Ferry showcase remember there was an ongoing energy litting the room. Olene Kadar was making ends meet with artists like From Karaoke to Stardom, Dapayk and Joern Kleinschmager. The room blew up like a pinata on steroids. Here’s Olene Kadar his liveset at Amsterdam Open Air.

Frank Haag has been rocking clubnights and afterpartys for quite some time now and spending more time in the studio then is good for you but finally the recognition is starting to become a reality. With his latest release on Get the Curse his international schedule suddenly took a leap. Frank Haag perfectly blends artistic merit with all your dance floor needs.

Robin Kampschoer began discovering electronic/techno music in the late 80′s, listening to artists like Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills and many others. Today, while combining the analogue gear of yesteryear with the digital tools of today, and after having played around the world for a decade, Robin is known for his own distinctive style of music, which fits somewhere between the funky and deep Detroit techno from the likes of Jeff Mills and Laurent Garnier, and the minimalistic dub from Berlin sound scientists Basic Channel.

Ohwert has been renowned in the dubtechno scene for quite a while now and has been producing music ever since his fingers were strong enough to turn knobs. Where he is at the point to reach total perfection in his dub chords now the time seems right to let you hear this in the industrial enviroment that blends harmonically with the look and feel of the Loods008.

– Giek
– Fetus


Tickets are available here.